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New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC Announced

Credit: AIPT

If you're like me, then you recently got done checking out the awesome Pokémon Day live stream, which means you may be considering dusting off those Pokéballs for more Scarlet and Violet content. But that’s not all, because this summer, we’ll be able to listen to Pikachu sing us some lovely lullabies.

During the short yet content-filled live stream, The Pokémon Company showed off tons of brand-new goodies we can expect in the coming months, and it goes without saying that this year is jam-packed with things to get excited about. Firstly, we have Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC on the horizon, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, which will be released in two parts this year. The Teal Mask kicks things off sometime in fall 2023, taking you on what’s sure to be an epic journey to the land of Kitakami. The second part of the DLC, The Indigo Disk is slated for a winter 2023 release and will see you become an exchange student at Blueberry Academy. Many, including myself, are thrilled about getting the opportunity to catch Pokémon we didn’t get a chance to in the Paldea region, including new Legendary Pokémon, Terapagos and Ogerpon. With Scarlet and Violet selling a whopping 20 million copies by last year's end, there's certainly going to be a large number of people ready to give up some cash for this DLC, but what about you?

Credit: iMore

Now, this I wasn’t expecting, and it’s honestly something that really tugged at my heartstrings. At around the halfway point of the stream, we were treated to the announcement of Pokémon Sleep. This cute smartphone game tasks you with researching the many different ways Pokémon sleep. If that hasn’t convinced you to download this yet, you also have an adorable Snorlax join you on your quest. To get your hands on research data, all you need to do is get yourself a great night’s sleep. When it’s time to hit the pillow, leave your phone nearby so the game can analyse you as you snooze. When you wake up, the game will have registered you as a certain type of sleeper, meaning Pokémon who sleep similarly to you will join Snorlax. Personally, I’m super interested to see what kind of Pokémon share my sleeping patterns. As an added bonus, Pikachu can even sing you lullabies if you have Pokémon Go Plus +, which was something else announced during the live stream. As you sleep each day, you’ll start to unlock new content, including a variety of alarm sounds. This incredibly cute game is planned for a summer 2023 release, making our summer night’s that much sweeter.

Pokémon has always been a game of choice for me when it comes to sitting back, switching off my brain, and having a good time. It brings many of us back to our childhood, and that's certainly not going to change for future generations, thanks to the continuation of the anime series and awesome games like these.

Blog by Elliot Chard-Maple

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