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Physical Health Advice

Good physical health is one of the most important aspects of life. When our physical health declines, our mental health follows.


So how do we stay healthy?

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We’re sure you’ve had the idea of ‘a balanced diet’ drilled into you at a young age, so we’re not going to go into that.


Rather than trying to eat specific foods at specific times and feeling bad if you don’t achieve that, try more realistic goals.


  • Try having at least one piece of fruit/veg a day 

    • 5 is the ideal amount, but even just choosing to have one a day will greatly improve your health

  • Eat when you’re hungry 

    • Don’t wait for mealtimes if you’re hungry, chances are you may prefer smaller meals more frequently rather than bigger meals three times

  • Drink lots of water 

    • Water is super helpful for our metabolisms and just general body functions, but being thirsty can also trick us into thinking we’re hungry!

    • Always have a big drink before you eat something just to make sure

  • Listen to your body

    • If your stomach feels a it uncomfortable after a meal, chances are that you’ll have eaten something your body struggles to tolerate

    • Acne can also be a sign of intolerances, so keep an eye out for that

  • Try not to feel bad for the food you eat

    • Try not to call days where you eat more ‘unhealthy’ food cheat days

    • As soon as you make certain foods forbidden or a luxury, you’re making it more desirable. Instead, just eat what you eat and try to carry on with your day

  • If you’re struggling to cook, don’t feel ashamed to get takeaways or to eat out

    • Getting food in you is very important, so any food is good food

  • To aid your digestion, take a short walk after you’ve eaten


The general advice for exercise is that you should do an hour a day, but sometimes that’s unrealistic.


  • Lots of people like to motivate themselves with a step counter 

    • A good goal is 10’000 steps in a day

  • Try having 10 minutes where you dance freely to your favourite songs

    • This is super fun to do and you can do it in the comfort of your home

  • Yoga can help you stretch after sitting at a desk

    • Even 10 minutes can help your physical health massively

  • Try and do what you can when you can

    • Any exercise is good for you, no matter how little

Looking after yourself

  • Try to have a shower a few times a week if you can

    • Hygiene is super important for physical and mental health

  • Clean your teeth twice a day

    • Teeth are really important when it comes to our diet and our health, so try to look after them as best as you can

  • If you feel like something is wrong, contact a doctor

    • Doctors are there to help you, even if you think your problem isn’t important

    • It’s better to be safe than sorry

  • Try not to overwork yourself

    • Overworking can lead to serious illnesses, if you feel like you’re constantly at your limit, take a break

Long Term Health Conditions

If you are affected by long term health conditions, there are some resources below to help you:

  • Patient - Living with a long-term health condition

  • Ben - Support for those suffering with long-term health conditions

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